Math 502-Section 1-Fall 2013-Syllabus

1. Office Hours: MWR  3:00pm.--5:00 p.m., Neckers A371.

2. Web address:

3. Text: Avner Friedman, Foundations of Modern Analysis, Dover 1982. Chapters 4-6 (as much as time permits). The material in Chapters 1-3 is useful as a review of necessary prerequisites in measure theory and metric spaces. You need to familiarise yourself with the material and notation in Capters 1-3.

4. Class meeting time and place: MWF 9:00--9:50pm, ENGR B0143.

5. Prerequisites: Math 501.

6. Assessment: Midterm exam and a comprehensive final exam.

7. Grade:

              Midterm exam 40%
              Final: 60%

8. Homework:  There will be regular homework assignments in class. You are responsible for all homework assignments. The homework will not be graded.

9. Attendance of Colloquia and Seminars: You are expected to attend lectures and seminars of a general nature. These are usually announced in the department bulletin board.

10. Emergency Procedures: Southern Illinois University Carbondale is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for study and work. Because some health and safety circumstances are beyond our control, we ask that you become familiar with the SIUC Emergency Response Plan and Building Emergency Response Team (BERT) program. Emergency response information is available on posters in buildings on campus, available on BERT's website at, Department of Safety's website (disaster drop down) and in Emergency Response Guideline pamphlet. Know how to respond to each type of emergency.

                                                                                                                               GOOD LUCK !

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August 18, 2013