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Proposal Information
Proposal Number 0411617
Proposal Title Finite and Infinite-Dimensional Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Received on 12/08/03
Principal Investigator Salah-Eldin Mohammed
Institution Southern Ill U Carbondale

This Proposal has been Electronically Signed by the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR).

Program Information
NSF Division DMS/Green Cluster
Program Officer Keith N. Crank
Telephone (703) 292-4880
E-Mail kcrank@nsf.gov

Proposal Status
Status As of Today Dated: 02/19/04
Award 0203368 was made on 02/18/04 for $ 22,134.00 with an effective date of 06/15/02.
This is a Supplemental Award
Award Duration: 0 (months)

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