Manchester Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Seminars


Unless stated otherwise, the seminars are held on Wednesdays in lecture theatre OF/B9 in Oddfellows Hall which is part of the Material Sciences complex.

January 31, 2001
David Sumpter

Centre for Mathematical  Biology 
Oxford University

 Foraging by Social Insect Colonies: Does Size Matter?
February 7, 2001
All day
Organiser: Christopher Baker
Causal problems - problems with after-effect or delay.
February 21, 2001
* 3:00pm *
John Blackman

Dept. of Physics
University of Reading

Growth, scaling, and coalescence in droplet deposition models.
General seminar
February 21, 2001
Prof Iain Stewart (Leicester)
EPSRC MathFIT Programme:
Program schemes, finite model theory and computational complexity

Location: Room 2.16 (Maths)

February 27,
* 3:15-5pm *
Dr. Mario Pytka & 
Andrew Brogden 
(Abbey National 
Financial Products)
From Wall Street to Baker Street 
A New Approach to Pricing Equity Derivatives
Location: Room 2.18 (Maths)
February 28, 2001
2:30pm Demetrios Papageorgiou

New Jersey Inst. Tech.

Fluid dynamics of bubble motion in surfactant solutions
March 7, 2001 2:30pm Vanessa Styles

School of Math. Sciences
Univ. of Sussex

Analysis of vortex density models in superconductivity 
March 14, 2001
2:30pm Clive Temperton

European Centre for
Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

Numerical Weather Prediction
March 14, 
Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed

Department of Mathematics, Southern Illinois University

Stochastic Systems with Memory: Dynamics and Some Numerics.
Maths Tower, Room 1.08
March 21, 2001 2:30pm Andrew Hogg

Dept. of Mathematics
University of Bristol

Ash, silt, similarity solutions and fifth-order Legendre functions: 
models of particle-driven motion
March 28, 2001
2:30pm Alistair Fitt

Dept. of Mathematics
University of Southampton

The unsteady flapping of flags and blowing of sails
April 25, 2001 2:30pm David Parker

Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Edinburgh

Nonlocal evolution equations for nonlinear elastic surface waves
May 9, 2001
2:30pm Roger Grimshaw

Loughborough University

Solitary waves with vortex cores in stratified and rotating fluids
May 30, 2001
(Schuster Colloquium - Physics)
Keith Moffatt

Isaac Newton institute for Mathematical Sciences

Euler's Disk and its Finite-Time Singularity
(venue TBA)

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